These are a few of my favourite projects where I've done both visual design and frontend development. I usually use frameworks like Vue.js or low code programs like Anima, but I'm always interested in learning new tools depending on what best fits the product's needs and constraints! 
Block Hack Global 2020
2020  ·  Figma, Anima, HTML, CSS
Elevating the online presence of Block Hack Global, a 6 week virtual entrepreneurial blockchain hackathon with $50k+ in prizes, through creating and maintaining responsive webpages and digital marketing materials. ​​​​​​​
Christina 👋 Web Designer
Juan  Art Director 
Rumjhum  Marketing & Content
Leo  Backend Developer
(and the rest of the Block Hack team!) 
Course Notifier
2020  ·  HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap
Developing the frontend for UWO Course Notifier, a web app notifying 700+ students of open spots in courses at Western University. Iterated upon form validation, labels, hints, and success & error states, to improve form submission accuracy. Github 
Christina 👋 Frontend
Jacob  Full Stack 
Budget Calculator
2020  ·  Vue.js, Skeleton CSS
Lightweight, responsive budget calculator displaying conditional messages based on expenses and income input values. ​​​​​​​
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